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St. Francis Hermitage

Welcome to our Restaurant where a Good Table awaits you; discover its French gourmet menus, its unique dishes and its Organic Dessert Trolley, signature of St Roger Abbey® finely handcrafted by our Nuns. 11 Miles from AppleHouse Hotel

Taliesin Wisconsin

Taliesin is the home, studio, school, and 800-acre estate of Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). Located in the Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin near Spring Green, Taliesin is the name of Wright's home as well as the estate that includes buildings from nearly every decade of Wright's career from the 1890s to the 1950s. Taliesin has a commanding presence in Jones Valley, the land along Wisconsin River where Wright's Lloyd Jones ancestors settled in the 1860s after emigrating from Wales 20 years before. Taliesin was named in honor of his Welsh heritage: The name of a druid bard, Taliesin literally means "shining brow." Its many wings and terraces reach out to frame the crown of the hill, embracing the site and standing as "brow." Taliesin is designated as a National Historic Landmark (1974) and inscribed as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2019) 53 miles from the AppleHouse Hotel

Villa Louis

Villa Louis is a Wisconsin State Historic Site. We are an immaculately restored Victorian house museum on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River. 43 miles from the Apple House Hotel

House on the Rock

An Experience That You Will Never Forget The House on the Rock has been around for over 60 years and has been a work in progress. The project began in 1945 when Alex Jorden had a goal. 56 miles from the AppleHouse Hotel
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